4 thoughts on “Go again OR I’ve already been?

  1. Andrea

    For me, it depends which destination we’re talking about. For instance, I’ve been to California a few times and love it so much that I keep going back. I feel the same about New York and New Mexico. However, for all the Caribbean islands I think I will pass on seeing them again. But, maybe that’s because I live in south Florida where it’s beautiful the majority of the time.

    I’ve also been to Australia, but definitely feel like I could go again and explore new areas considering it’s so big!

  2. The Wife with Baggage Post author

    I can agree with all of your points! I’m more of a one-and-done type of traveler, BUT, there are certain places that I could return to again and again and again and again …… Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. Lindsay K

    I have asked myself that before…should I go back to that favorite place or try someplace new? This year an old favorite won and we went back to Bonaire for my 4th, Tim’s 2nd trip. But I am thinking about new places soon!


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