What’s RIGHT with Boston!

In light of the recent events in Boston, I couldn’t resist writing about how much I love this city! I’ve only been downtown once, but have traveled to it’s suburbs numerous times to see family and friends. If you can get past the weird accents, cold winters and die hard (read: crazy) sports fans, you’ll uncover a city of world class seafood restaurants, genuinely nice people, stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and more shopping than one could possibly need!

I might be from below the Mason Dixon Line, but one thing is for sure … it does not matter if you are from the north or south, or if you are a Celtics fan or a Heat fan … we all are Americans. We are all disgusted by what happened and we are all thinking, praying and hoping for peace, love and acceptance! GO BOSTON!



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All photos are copyrighted by Diane Williams and Wife with Baggage, 2013.

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