The Lost Art of Honeymooning – PART 1

Michael and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary this summer. I still remember small details of our day like the special words my dad whispered to me just before we walked down the aisle or the look on Mike’s face when he saw me for the first time, and how could I forget the disaster with the sparklers as we left the party! However, when the smoked cleared (literally!!), we were left with each other.

This is where most people get emotional or nostalgic because the party is over. But wait, what about the HONEYMOON?

Have you noticed that many people do not take this opportunity to get away with their new spouse? Were you one of these people? The obvious reasons behind this are time and money. But, isn’t that always the excuse for not traveling? So, why not decrease your wedding budget in order to increase your honeymoon budget? Here are the top 10 ways Michael and I kept our budget down while we planned (and paid for) our own wedding. (This might be a good place to mention that we went on an 11 day international honeymoon one day after tying the knot? Yes, these ideas work!)

  1. Keep your guest list to the absolute bare minimum
  2. Create your own stationery (invitations, programs, etc.)
  3. Buy flowers from a wholesaler and create your own bouquets, boutonnieres and center pieces (flowers or otherwise)
  4. Get married on an “off day” – perhaps Friday night or Saturday
  5. Get married at an “off time” – morning ceremony and mid-day mimosas anyone?
  6. Skip the super expensive spa day and have a DIY spa day with your friends instead.
  7. Find a local beauty school and have the students do your hair and make-up for your big day. (*Only the advanced students are allowed to do this type of appointment in most schools – check with the individual institution. I am NOT suggesting you let yourself be glammed up by a rookie for your big day!)
  8. Choose a buffet, over plated meals, as they are usually cheaper and people can choose their portion size.
  9. Negotiate vendor prices … you won’t know if you don’t ask!
  10. Let your something old and borrowed be your accessories, instead of buying new.

Many people often say “If I had to do it all over again, I’d go to Town Hall!” With the cost of a wedding these days, it’s no wonder more people don’t.  But, I would not trade the memories we made with our closest family and friends that day for anything … we just prioritized a  honeymoon and sacrificed small things, that made a big increase in our travel budget.

Just focus on the importance of your vows and know that every other part of your wedding day is just a bonus!!

Just focus on the importance of your vows and know that every other part of your wedding day is just a bonus!!

2 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Honeymooning – PART 1

  1. Lucy Dodsworth

    Great tips. I’m getting married in September and trying the reign in the budget – it seems that as soon as places know it’s a wedding the prices quadruple! I’m already planning the honeymoon though as I know we’ll need it. So much so that we’re having two – a short break after the wedding then a longer trip a few months later (better weather for Belize where we hope to go – plus I like the idea of extending the celebrations as long as possible!).

    1. The Wife with Baggage Post author

      Prices are ridiculously high aren’t they?! I hope some of the tips work for you. We honeymooned in Belize too!!! Enjoy the wedding planning, because it really is fun, but enjoy the travel too. (Although, you’ve got that part down!) 🙂 Watch for Part 2. I’ll give other hints and tips that can help you take a great honeymoon!


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