The Lost Art of Honeymooning – Part 2

Last week I posted Part 1 of this three part series of posts on The Lost Art of Honeymooning. Here is Part 2.

It is my observation that many newly married couples do not honeymoon after their nuptials. I find this perplexing – not wrong, just puzzling! I’ve asked around and most of the couples who do not travel blame time and money. To that I say, “duh!” That is almost always the reason for not traveling – for anyone and any trip. So, this three part series is meant to educate, inspire and urge you – the single, engaged and even married (better late than never) – to take a honeymoon.

A honeymoon does not have to be your dream trip, you just need to go. Here are some cheap(er) ideas for an unforgettable honeymoon below:

  1. Road Trip – Use a map to plan out a route to places near your home that you’ve never been and then research the cities and sights. Depending on the amount of time you have, plan to spend at least a few nights in each place. Imagine the money you’ll save on airfare!
  2. Be one with Nature – Go camping! Camping at a state park can start for as little as $10/night. I’ve never stayed in a hotel that was that inexpensive. There is something very romantic about a campfire, listening to nature and being alone with your new spouse.
  3. “Grow” Together – The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF is an organization of farms and volunteers around the world. The organization links those who want to help, with those who need the help. In exchange for your time and energy, you receive free room and board. Curious about this option? Check out their website for more detailed info.
  4. House Sitting – (*Note: We’ve never used any of these companies/services. This is not an endorsement. I am not claiming the legitimacy, efficacy or quality of any of these sites or services.)Who wouldn’t free accommodations? Yep, that’s right; there are people who will let you stay in their home for free while they’re gone. Here are some sites that will help you get started: Trusted House Sitters, Luxury House Sitting, and Suitcase Stories.
  5. Beg and Borrow- Do you know anyone (even a friend or a friend) who owns a vacation home or second home? If so, ask to use the property. The hope here is that the home can be used at a drastically discounted price because you know the owner and they (hopefully) trust you.

Tim Cahill once said “A journey is measured by friends, rather than miles.” This wisdom applies perfectly to your honeymoon. If you can afford a faraway destination, by all means go! But, the number of miles you fly or drive is certainly NOT important. Stay close to home or go far, but just go! A honeymoon is about exploring, learning and investigating – both your destination and your new best friend – your spouse.


Take an unforgettable road trip to connect with your new spouse!

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All photos are copyrighted by Diane Williams and Wife with Baggage, 2013.

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